Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Ideas From Celebrities Homes

Take a look at these fabulous Moroccan inspired bedrooms from Celebrities- If you are tired at glancing at the same bedroom every day? Why not consider a change? you may opt for a Moroccan themed Bedroom. The Moroccan style is considered as one of the major international design trend.  It is derived from Morocco’s rich architectural and cultural traditions.

Moroccan style is also a way of life where fusion is the essence.  It is very adaptable whether you want to go for a lavish and luxurious moroccan bedroom or a simple minimalist one, the diversity of elements and possibilities are endless!  You can also opt for a mixture of traditional Moroccan decor elements with another style! It beautifully matches with European antiques.

By playing with color, patterns and textures, for example adding plaster carving to accent a beautiful moroccan lamp or by opting for zelij, or moroccan tiles, for your floor it is possible to add the moroccan touch and transform any space!

With regards to furnishings, traditional elements of Moroccan furnishing include mother-of-pearl inlaid pieces, intricately carved wooden chairs and tables, moroccan carpets or kilim rugs and other items such as a Moroccan mirror. To accentuate even further, you can also place a Moroccan pouf in a corner to complete the theme!

To these you can also add other moroccan elements to your bedroom, moroccan lamps, moroccan decorative arts, accessories such as brass trays, moroccan pottery and hand-embellished ceramics and of course the moroccan hand embroidered bed linens with the complex berber geometric patterns. You might also consider a moroccan wedding blanket (Handira) with hundreds of mirrored sequins to add a luxurious authentic touch to your bedroom.

Other important moroccan elements to infuse some magic and sensuality into your moroccan bedroom are candles, rose petals, moroccan lanternsmoroccan cushions, orange blossom water, fragrant oils and don’t forget to get the famous moroccan slippers and recreate the moroccan dream in your bedroom!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! take a look at these beautiful pictures for decorating ideas for a charming Moroccan themed Bedroom!

Cher’s Moroccan inspired bedroom by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Image by AD

Cher's moroccan bedroom

Sir Winston Churchil Suite where he enjoyed painting while visiting Marrakech almost 50 years ago, Images Mamounia


Yves Saint Laurent moroccan bedroom in green emerald silk bed cover and beaded glass chandelier. image by nytimes blog


Fashion Designer Lisa Bruce’s eclectic moroccan guest bedroom at her Marrakesh house, image by Elle Decor

elle decor

Casbah Cove by Gordon Stein Design just 2 hours from Los Angeles, image by Home Adore

Gordon Stein LA Moroccan bedroom-casbah-cove-gordon-stein-design

The Moroccan Wedding blanket marvelously adds an authentic moroccan touch, Gordon Stein Design, image by Home Adore


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