Hammam or Turkish Bath: Secrets You Should Know About !

What is a hammam?

Going to Morocco and not going to a hammam is considered to be missing out on a valuable experience.  To put it in a nutshell, a hammam or hamam, also referred to as “spreader of warmth”, is a spa or another version of the refined Turkish baths of today or the russian banya that comprises different beauty treatments such as a massage, baths with scented oils and soap, thorough exfoliation of skin, and so on. A hammam houses separate warm and cold rooms, a bathhouse, and changing rooms.  This traditional Turkish bath makes you feel fresher and more relaxed while imparting a natural glow and suppleness to the skin.Moroccan Hammam

Hammam Ritual and What can you expect?

After changing, you will be instructed as to the proper use of the warm and cold rooms.  Some hammams have a warm and hot room, along with a cold one, each having respective functions. The first visit to the warm room is to ensure your body adjusts to the temperature, and for a basic cleanse too. It involves applying key Moroccan elements such as black soap and rhassoul clay as a mask to the whole body.

Rose water is used to tone the skin

Rose water is used to tone the skin

The hot room is full of steam, which unclogs the pores in your skin to bring out the dirt and grease.

You come back to the warm room to get a hard scrubbing with a hammam mitt, also called Kessa glove, for removal of dead skin cells.

Scrubbing and Purification of the skin with a Hammam mitt or Kessa

Scrubbing and Purification of the skin with a Hammam mitt or Kessa

The cold room familiarizes your body with a normal temperature at the end – you can take some time to lie down and relax here. Massages are optional, but are extremely soothing.  A hydrating massage using local argan oil is definitely worth a try!

Moroccan mint tea is known for being refreshing after a Hammam

Moroccan mint tea is known for being refreshing after a Hammam

What is the etiquette to be maintained?

Take a look at these pointers:

  • Staring at others is considered rude.
  • Don’t waste water – use only as much is required.
  • It is advisable not to remove every piece of clothing, as complete nudity is offensive.
  • While rinsing or washing, take care not to splash anyone else.

What are the benefits of going to a hammam?

Here are the top 5 advantages of a hammam visit:

  • Helps you rejuvenate while stress and tensions drain away.
  • Get pain relief and purge the body of toxins.
  • Exfoliate skin to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells, and wash off dirt and harmful bacteria.
  • Boosts circulation and stimulates lymphatic system.
  • Immune system is strengthened.

Don’t forget to try a traditional hammam experience  – you will love it!  Discover More Moroccan Beauty Tips and Secrets

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