Tagine: A beginner’s Guide with Cooking Tips and Recipe Ideas

Nowadays, we see a lot of tagine cooking. The concept is a tad confusing since the word tagine has two different meanings – it is used to denote a type of cookware from North Africa, while it also refers to the dishes simmered in it.  Long back, this type of cooking was done by burning charcoal while chicken, fish, and beef stews were being prepared in it.

Moroccan tagines

Moroccan tagines

Tagine Cookware

Moroccan Tagine, tajine or Tajin is a cookware that is usually handmade clay pots with a domed lid. Despite not requiring much water for recipes, the cover locks the moisture and juice inside, so the food is succulent and delicious because the oil and spices blend together seamlessly. These moroccan pots are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices.

Stick with Conventional

Moroccan wedding food presentation ideas.

Moroccan tagine presentation ideas

Famous international brands have stepped into the market by selling tagine cookware such as Le Creuset and Emile Henry, but even though they offer premium quality products, the traditional version is still preferred by many.

Le Creuset Tagine

Le Creuset Tagine

  • Conventional earthenware tagines are more efficient than a Dutch oven or slow-cooker.
  • They impart a unique, unmatched flavor and essence to the dish being cooked.
  • Use it as a cooking utensil as well as a serving dish to keep the food warm.

Tagine Recipes

As mentioned above, Moroccan tagines are mainly used to cook stews. They have a cone shaped top and flat base. Oil is added to cover the base and sear any meat or fish on it, which enhances the flavor. Remove the meats, add veggies and condiments into the pot, boil with stock or tomato juice, re-add the meat, close the lid, and let it simmer. Could it get any simpler? Try some yummy Moroccan chicken tagine recipes such as the zesty chicken with apricots and almonds, tasty chicken with spring vegetables, yummy chicken with chickpeas, and many more. Moroccan lamb tagine with prunes and cinnamon and Moroccan meatballs also come under the category of succulent, mouth-watering recipes.

Serving Suggestions

Moroccan Tagine of Lamb and Prunes

Moroccan Tagine of Lamb and Prunes

Moroccan tagine stews are thick and rich in consistency, which is why you should serve it with bread or couscous. If you are up to it, you could have it with rice as well. Don’t forget to season it well by sprinkling some salt or lemon, or adding a few springs of mint on top. Tagines go fabulously with wine, but for an authentic Moroccan inspired dinner, you should prepare the legendary mint tea of Morocco.

Moroccan Beef Tagine with sweet and dried fruits

Moroccan Beef Tagine with sweet and dried fruits

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