10 bathroom decorating ideas for Moroccan Style Lovers!

Bathroom decorating ideas- The bathroom is not just a necessary portion of the house, but it also adds to the overall décor in a unique way. A dingy looking bathroom completely spoils everything, so you must ensure it is aptly styled. Moroccan themed bathrooms are frequently featured nowadays, as they look extremely classy and elegant.

Here are a few tips on how you can get a Moroccan style bathroom for your home:

  1. Moroccan tiles for bathrooms are commonly used for flooring, with geometric designs or backsplash styles that have contrasting overtones. Keep in mind that bathroom tiles should always be glazed or they tend to absorb water, causing the quality to deteriorate.10438162274_3044818d98_o
  2. A vanity unit is both useful and a valuable addition to the décor. Here too, you can utilize backsplash tiles on the countertop or opt for fashionable patterns on stencil tiles. Ensure the colors blend well with the walls and flooring.riadmeriemmarrakech
  3. Nothing beats the feeling of soaking in the tub after a long hectic day at work. Regardless of the shape – rectangular, oval, circle – a Moroccan theme looks amazing. Choose a single base color and tinted tiles, or opt for elaborate patterns and etchings, because either way it looks beautiful.green moroccan bathroom
  4. How about Moroccan cabinetry to brighten up the room and store bathroom essentials? Instead of going for plain wood, get colorful chests and cupboards with vivid Moroccan designs on them.CL1MW9LUAAEA3CY
  5. Hand-carved bone mirrors are a fine idea – they sport ivory frames, which are extracted from natural bones. It is an excellent example of Moroccan craftsmanship and skill. Apart from these you have hand-painted, arch, metal, tile, and wooden varieties.

    Bathroom with Moroccan-inspired ceramic tiles in various shades of blue. Photo credit: House to Home

    Bathroom with Moroccan-inspired ceramic tiles in various shades of blue. Photo credit: House to Home

  6. Don’t be afraid to experiment with rich colors – red, purple, deep blue, golden, black, green – try different combinations till you hit upon the correct one – it makes the Moroccan bathroom unique.

    Moroccan inspired-bathroom with a moroccan-mirror. Photo credit: Lushhome

    Moroccan inspired-bathroom with a moroccan Hand-carved bone mirror. Photo credit: Lushhome

  7. Buy a few sconces to highlight the area around the vanity, while the ceiling and the rest of the room can be illuminated using Moroccan lamps or lanterns with stunning filigree work.
    Bathroom design idea with Moroccan geometric patterns

    Bathroom design idea with Moroccan geometric patterns

  8. Curtains are an absolute necessity. You can use opaque fabrics with heavy embroidery for covering the windows, while semi-transparent ones with light embellishments can shield the shower or tub area.blue Moroccan Bathroom with rose petals
  9. Transform the bath area into a hammam with a Moroccan bath set, towels, area rugs, mats, etc. Ready-made sets are available for this purpose.

    Moroccan Inspired Bathroom with wood hand carved bath decor by Chris Barett Design

    Moroccan Inspired Bathroom with wood hand carved bath decor by Chris Barett Design

  10. For an authentic Moroccan experience, use rose water, traditional hammam black soap, argan oil, or you can buy assembled hammam kits too.

    Contemporary Bathroom with Moroccan Tiles

    Contemporary Bathroom with Moroccan Tiles

These Bathroom decorating ideas might sound a tad tedious and time-consuming, but the end result is certainly worth the effort!


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