Moroccan Black Soap: Why Is It The Next Big Thing in Skin Care?

Morocco is the land of spices, known for its brilliant colors and aromatic scents. It is also known for its traditional beauty secrets. Exotic beauty products like argan oil and black soap are widely used in Morocco. The hammam or hot bath tradition and the use of Moroccan black soap are much sorted after beauty rituals.

Black Soap Benefits 

The Moroccan black soap is packed with argan oil or olive oil and macerated black olives that are very nourishing to the skin. This all natural soap has the texture of butter. The ingredients also offer therapeutic value. It is rich in vitamin E. Moroccan black soap effectively purifies the skin. It prepares the skin for exfoliation of dirt, grease and dead skin. Most black soaps are enriched with eucalyptus oil as well. It gives the skin a youthful glow. An effective hammam experience will leave your skin feeling soft and silky for days together. The most appealing quality is that it is suitable for all skin types.

Our favorite Moroccan Black soap, also called beldi soap, by Sahara Rose is of premium quality olive oil and macerated olives

How to make moroccan black soap

The key ingredient of Moroccan black soap is olive oil. It is made by adding pureed black olives to Moroccan olive oil. The olives are blended till they are incorporated into the oil and form a pudding like texture. Potassium hydroxide is added to the mixture as opposed to sodium hydroxide which goes into the making of regular soap bars. The mixture is then heated. It turns darker and thicker on heating. Once it is cooled it can be placed in containers that can accommodate the quantity of soap prepared. The texture as mentioned before remains buttery.

How to use moroccan black soap

Traditionally the use of black soap is part of the hammam experience where women generally visit steam rooms or baths and slather their bodies with black soap allowing it to sink in for about 15 minutes. On washing the skin is scrubbed with the assistance of a lady assigned to assist the women at the bath. However, the properties of black soap can be enjoyed by women all the world. Black soap is used the same way as any other soap. But, it does not lather or produce foam. It has to be applied or rather massaged onto damp skin in a hot shower. The soap can be allowed to sink in for a few minutes. The next step is to scrub the skin using kessa gloves to remove dirt and dry, dead skin. To finish, a cold water shower should suffice.

Indulging in exotic beauty rituals from traditions half way across the world is now possible with the all-natural Moroccan black soaps. The use of this product will leave the skin looking bright and smooth to touch.

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