Moroccan Wedding Blanket: Trendy Decorating Ideas and Inspirations

Morocco has some beautiful traditions that guide their customs even today. The moroccan wedding blanket tradition captures the essence of Berber culture. These trendy blankets or Handira, are sequined blankets woven using sheep wool, cotton and linen. These blankets have a history rooted deeply in the ancient customs of Berber culture.

The Tradition
The Berbers are an ethnic group indigenous to Northern Africa. They live in scattered tribes across Morocco. Moroccan wedding blankets are created in the anticipation of a wedding. These are woven as a gift to the bride by her female relatives. The blanket is offered to the bride on her wedding night on which she is to consummate the marriage.

Moroccan Handira used as a rug in sex and the city via Flickr

Moroccan Handira used as a rug in sex and the city via Flickr

The making of this traditional blanket may take hours or even weeks together. Details are an essential part of the making process. Once the weaving process of the wool and cotton materials are complete, mirrored sequins are attached to the fabric. As the blanket is to be covered with hundreds of such sequins, it is quite a task to complete sewing them on. The female relative of the bride then teach her about her role in the marriage, her duties towards her home and her partner.

On the closing of the marriage ceremony, the bride is made to wear the blanket around her shoulders like a sort of cape. It is said that this helps protect her on the journey towards her new home as the ride may be chilly.
The blanket is not merely meant as a decorative item to be worn by the bride. It is mindfully weaved and is known to bestow good luck and fertility upon the bridal couple.


The Modern Setting
The Berber tribes follow the custom till date. However, its influence isn’t limited to Morocco. The wonder works have now found their way into modern homes and décor outside Morocco as well. The color schemes and sequin work on the blankets can be easily incorporated into a Bohemian themed home or bedroom. It styles well in almost any bedroom and let the interior design make a statement. Majority of Handira are cream colored. However, modern designers and manufactures have now begun to produce pieces in bold colors like maroon and royal blue to match the tastes of the modern consumer.

The influence of Moroccan wedding blankets can be seen even in the homes of celebrities. The most popular example of this is Kate Hudson’s bedroom which is designed by Roman and Williams. The bedcover is a large Berber blanket in white and cream tones.

Actress Kate Hudson’s bedroom, designed by Roman & Williams. Photo via: Desire To Inspire

Actress Kate Hudson’s bedroom, designed by Roman & Williams. Photo via: Desire To Inspire

The popularity of Moroccan wedding blankets doesn’t seem to fade with the passage of time. The art of weaving these beautiful blankets is an important stream itself. If you’re looking for a moroccan wedding blanket for sale, check out my picks below!

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