Moroccan Doors: Decor Ideas, Tips, and Photos for Home!

Decorate your home with a Moroccan door and give it a rich and antique look- They are antique. They are ethnic. They have a long history behind them. They can transform your house and make everyone want to have another look. Yes, they are Moroccan doors. With intricate designs and appealing looks, a Moroccan door can add a different charm to your house. How would you choose a door from Morocco and make it a part of your home décor? Let’s find out but first a little history of them.

The history of Moroccan doors – story of rich culture and heritage

The history of Morocco goes back to hundreds of centuries. Both Muslims and Jews lived here and influenced its art and culture. This can be witnessed in the doors that people built. The geometrical Moorish designs and Jewish motifs speak about the past they share. Made from wood, metal or plaster, these doors are ordained with Moorish motifs that look exquisite. Colorful hues of blue, yellow and brown add charm to them.

Moroccan doors in home décor – give your home a rich look

Going ethnic is the recent trend in home décor and that has helped to revive old arts and styles. Moroccan décor ideas have also seen a revival. Many people are installing Moroccan doors with their traditional designs.

Today in most home décor shop you would find Moroccan door in different styles complete with Moroccan door knocker. They are beautiful to say the least.

They are available in wrought iron and some are even hand painted. Moroccan doors made from Moucharabieh wood are most sought after.

You can implement Moroccan home décor style by using doors from Morocco. However, do not restrict your creativity to doorways only. The hand painted Moroccan doors with elaborate carvings can be used as wall art also. Install it in your hall or in your living room and see how it adds richness to the room.

Antique Moroccan iron wrought door converted to a coffee table

Antique Moroccan iron wrought door converted to a coffee table

What about a table? Yes, a Moroccan door can be your dining table also. The rich and earthy colors of these ancient pieces of art would make everyone praise your sense of style.

While using these doors in your home, make sure that it doesn’t look out of place. A Moroccan door can become the focal point of a room and should be complemented by the use of right colors and items.

For a coordinated look, try to use colors from traditional Moroccan color palettes. Blue, green, yellow and red and brown should be used amply. Black and white should balance them.

Go for geometric and floral patterns in curtains and cushions. A good idea would be to use a Moroccan door mat.

So, this winter make your home look rich and cozy with Moroccan décor ideas and just watch it come alive in style.

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