Top 6 Beauty Moroccan Products to try this Fall!

If you’re looking for new beauty products, these are the top 6 beauty moroccan products for hair and skin-care to try out this Fall, handpicked by beauty blogger Victoria Howell.

1. Dry Shampoo with Moroccan Oils It is a dry shampoo in a form of spray. It can be for light or dark tones.  The main purpose of it is to absorb grease and make your head look clear, without actual washing. In addition it gives great volume to your hair endow it with exotic Moroccan scent. It is also has UV protection to save your hair color. Dry shampoo with Moroccan oils has very strong effect, without any hint of white scurf. It is a marvelous combination of sexy scent and perfect absorbing effect. So, of you don’t have much time, or you are just a little bit lazy to wash our hair, try this dry shampoo. Pick the one that fits for your hair color and it will create a miracle with your hair.

2. Moroccan oil Treatment If you have dry and thin hair, this Moroccan oil Treatment is right for you. It contains argan extract, which moisturizes and adds shine to your hair. It has nice vanilla-and-amber scent, what makes it even more attractive.

3. Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion If Moroccan styling oil has such an amazing scent, can you imagine how does this body lotion smell? Absolutely gorgeous! It absorbs very fast, hydrates and softens your skin, leaving a wonderful scent on your body. It contains a lot of different oils, but it doesn’t feel oily at all. Skin drinks it up in a couple of second, so you don`t feel sticky. If you want great moisturizing for your body with exotic smell – go for it now !


4. Nest Moroccan Liquid Soap It is a scented liquid soap for the hands, that give you cleaning and moisturizing effect. With a gel consistency it cleans your hands not drying the skin. And it`s earthy and cozy scent is especially pleasant for cold autumn days.

5. Ren Moroccan Rose Body Wash Nice, smoothing gel, with pleasurable scent and honey color can turn any gloomy day to a holiday. Moreover, it moisturizes your skin and makes it soft.

6. Ren Moroccan Rose Bath Oil It is a scented bath oil for dry skin. It has silky structure and reminds a smell of honey&roses. Change your gloomy autumn to hot summer with these moroccan products.


Article by Victoria Howell. Beauty Blogger at

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