Garden Design Ideas from Jardin Majorelle, Yves Saint Laurent’s Villa in Marrakech

The timeless appeal of Parisian beauty meets the charm of Marrakech at Jardin Majorelle. Created by French painter Louis Majorelle in the 1920s, this 12 acre palm grove is a site to witness. The botanical garden around the Majorelle’s Art Deco Villa and Studio came to be an inspiration for landscape designers all over the globe and a wonderful resource for garden design. Jardin Majorelle was later owned by Yves Saint Laurent, who requested his ashes must be scattered on its grounds upon his death, so captivating was its beauty.

Jardin Majorelle, Photo Credit: Fondation Pierre Berge Yves Saint Laurent

Visiting the garden at Jardin Majorelle at Morocco is like taking a walk in a mystical oriental land as the surrounding beauty envelopes you in an embrace of exotic colors and scents. If you are looking to give your garden an oriental twist, the Jardin Majorelle is a wonderful inspiration. Garden ideas from this site will include a unique blend of colors and nature. Here’s what makes this place a great prototype for landscape designers and home owners who would like to renovate their outdoor space-

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The colors

The most distinctive feature of the site is the colors. Incorporating the color scheme of Jardin Majorelle’s gardens is the first step you take towards getting the right visual appeal. Since the garden is created by a painter, it has been colored like a painting. Most of the built features are painted in cobalt blue or “Majorelle Blue” as it has been popularised. The cobalt blue walls have been contrasted with bright yellow terracotta pots. The green plants create a fabulous contrast with the blue walls and yellow details on the windows of the Art Deco building.

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The Pools and Fountains

The brightness of the cobalt blue is carried to the pale blue waters of the fountains and pools at Majorelle’s garden. A mingling of the fountain’s structure with the light blue water it holds brings out a coolness that can almost be felt just by looking it. To create a visually stunning pool or fountain, take a leaf out of Majorelle’s book and consider painting the raised platforms and structures in a captivating shade of blue to bring out the light tone of water.

Water Channel in Jardin Majorelle, Photo Source:

The Plants and Trees

Visitors at the garden will instantly notice the ample variety in plants. The plants at Jardin Majorelle are from Majorelle’s own plant collection. He was a lover of plants and collected the ones planted at the botanical gardens through his travels. Incorporate plants from distant places and add them to your garden to get a similar collection like Majorelle’s. These include cactus, yuccas, coconut trees, banana palms, bamboo and water lilies.

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Adding all the distinctive features of the Majorelle gardens is a sure shot formula towards capturing the charm of Marrakech in your own garden.

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