Moroccan Teapot: Top 10 Favorites You’ll Love to Have!

Moroccan tea is the favorite national drink in Morocco.  It is drunk daily.  Often consumed at breakfast, after meals and is the most popular order at most local cafes and coffee shops.  Usually served on a beautiful moroccan teapot, Moroccan tea is also prepared for guests coming to visit and is usually accompanied by moroccan sweets.

Serving a traditional Moroccan tea has its own proper art and ritual.  From preparing and choosing the best ingredients including the finest green tea, the freshest mint tea leaves to local cane sugar.  Everything is prepared meticulously.   Serving moroccan tea the traditional way needs special vessels from a handmade silver kettle to a matching teapot. Every ingredient is served in its own beautiful handcrafted vessel.  Traditionally, The tea is proudly prepared by the host in front of the guests.  it is a whole ceremonial that has been proudly transmitted for generations.  Here is a video on how to serve moroccan tea .

Serving moroccan tea in a beautiful silver tea set including an original moroccan teapot, colorful tea glasses and a matching handcrafted tray is a must.  Also, beautiful hand embroidered tea cosy, a fabric covering for the teapot, is used to keep teapots hot.

The best authentic moroccan teapots are the silver ones handcrafted by artisans in the ancient city of Fes, Morocco.  Those  usually carry a stamp at the bottom of the teapot.  Nowadays, there exists many varieties, including the glass teapot, moroccan pottery teapots, etc.  But, the traditional moroccan teapots from Fes will always stay our favorites.

Here are our top 5 favorite picks :

  1. Moroccan Fes Teapot ($32.99): It is made in the city of Fes and is decorated with beautiful geometrical moroccan designs.
Authentic Moroccan Teapot from Fes, Morocco

Authentic Moroccan Teapot from Fes, Morocco

2. Vintage Moroccan Teapot ($60):  This vintage teapot from the 1960s is simply gorgeous.

Vintage Moroccan Teapot

Vintage Moroccan Teapot

3. Moroccan Brass Teapot ($98.95): This High quality silver platted serving tea pot shows a gorgeous handmade design.

moroccan teapot brass

Moroccan Brass Teapot

4. Moroccan Glass Teapot ($79.99): Made of Glass, This handmade teapot by artisans in Morocco is heat proof and comes in many colors.  It makes the perfect moroccan gift for any occasion.

Moroccan Glass Teapot

Moroccan Glass Teapot

5. Moroccan Serving tea Pot ($68.99) This High quality silver platted serving tea pot is handmade in Fes, Morocco.

Moroccan Silver Plated Teapot

Moroccan Silver Plated Teapot

6.  Hammered Copper Tea Pot Kettle ($44.95); This 1mm thick hammered copper teapot is entirely done by hand in Turkey.

Moroccan hammered copper tea pot kettle

Moroccan Style hammered copper tea pot kettle

7.  Moroccan Silver Tea Pot ($112.05).  This elegant silver teapot is almost too pretty to use.

Moroccan Silver Teapot

Moroccan Silver Teapot

8. Vintage Moroccan Silver Teapot ($88.32):  Beautifully decorated, this is a rare vintage moroccan teapot that would me a great wedding gift.

Moroccan silver vintage tea pot

9. Vintage Safi Pottery Tepot ($499.88): Gorgeous vintage Moroccan teapot in shades of blue and decorated with a beautiful metal filigree..  This item comes from the region of Safi, Morocco, well known for its exquisite pottery.

Moroccan Pottery Teapot

10. Moroccan serving tea pot Made up of stainless steel, his teapot comes with a heat resistance handle and is used for everyday tea.

moroccan serving tea pot stainless steel


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