5 Insane (But True) Things about Tagine recipes

Unfamiliar word, is it? Well, worry not because we’ll take you to the tagin-ous journey of scrumptious delights and some famous foreign dishes decoding the fun facts about them!

tagine recipes

Ever wondered what a tagine is? Ever thought of using it? No? It’s absolutely okay if you’re not acquainted with this tremendous piece of utensil because this is the one stop site for knowing some facts about tagine and tagine recipes.

A tagine is a tall conical utensil with a wide and shallow base and a tall lid. It works on the principal of a pressure cooker; as the food cooks, the steam rises into the cone, and then trickles down the sides back into the dish.

It is used for cooking basically North African dish but you can cook whatever you want depending upon your taste and choice.

Generically speaking, tagine stews are the most popular dish to make in a tagine but the sky is the limit for a cook, right?

Without much ado, let’s focus on some insanely interesting and fun facts common to all tagine recipes-

  1. Origin– A tagine was originally cooked in the leftover heat of the bakers’ ovens in Morocco. The pot is filled with meat, dried fruit and vegetables and a small amount of liquid and left to cook for hours on slow heat, producing most gooey, droolingly delicious stew.
  2. Locale– As a matter of fact, the best of the tagines have local ingredients- preserved lemon, argan oil, saffron and other necessary ingredients.
  3. Let’s bread it up– All the bread lovers out there would be glad to acknowledge the fact that bread is eaten with almost every tagine dish and you’ll be reminiscing the bread and pasta combination all over again!
  4. How to eat? – The natives (Moroccans) eat their tagine from the pot itself as using another utensil to eat the same is too mainstream, right? They keep the pot with themselves and dip bread in it and have their food.
  5. Is it meaty enough? – A shout out to the meat lovers out there! Did you know that some tagine recipes have rabbit and camel meat; sounds unique, no?
  6. That magical ingredient– We’ve often thought what magic spice do people use to add that x factor their dish, haven’t we? Its a matter of knowledge to know that there is no magic moroccan spice for all tagines, so if you’re planning on grabbing that x factor, you might want to try it on your own grounds.


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