Henna Lipstick: A Moroccan Beauty Secret for Natural Rosy Pink Lips

Henna is quite commonly used for lip coloration. The best part about henna lipstick is that it stays intact for hours at a stretch, without the slightest smudge or fading, as it happens in the case of a typical lipstick. It leaves a matted impression, just like a stain or a tattoo on the lip.

moroccan henna lipstick

moroccan henna lipstick, photo credit: little miss bubu

What makes Henna lipsticks special?

Henna lipsticks are one of a kind. It is a natural product to begin with and it has the magical property to leave a semi-permanent smear, whichever way you choose to wear it- lipstick/lip-liner. It is water based and neither sticky nor waxy. Henna lips are made out of a patented formula of henna extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein and natural coloring. The peppermint fragrance acts as the cooling agent to the lips. It is an environment friendly product and suitable for all skin types. That is good news indeed!

Henna Mood Lipsticks, like the Hare Magic Moroccan change colour Green- Pink, last for long, sometime upto 8 hours or more. Hare is a company popular in Morocco and Qatar (the products are manufactured in Taiwan). It is often referred to as the ‘magic lipstick’ due to its peculiar effects, discovered as early as the 1920’s (Tangee Lipsticks)! It can easily transform into another shade, a beautiful pink or red tinge, due to certain chemical reactions with the body. Red 27, one of the principal ingredients, reacts with the pure hydrogen (PH) balance and temperature of the lips, especially as it comes into contact with the moisture. The acidity of the skin determines the variation in tinge in different people.

Henna Lipstick or not, let’s discover few others…

Lioele is a Korean brand and is popular because of its variety of scents. The Rose Scented Sexy Red, for instance, is supposed to transform from a pink colour to a darker red. However, it is best to let your lip tone be the judge of that. L’Paige from Texas (manufactured in Taiwan), has split tubes allowing one to try two colours at the price of one. They have unusual colour tones like blue to mauve and yellow to coral. The flip side of it is that, it does not stay longer than three hours. Beauty Treats, a brand from LA (manufactured in China), have some cool products like gold graphic print and floral prints. The black or the dark purple shade changes to a deep berry hue. It is moisturizing and stays for more than 8 hours.

Magic lipsticks are life savers when we are caught up in a whirlwind of activities! It is worth exploring.




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