Iftar: Delicious Ideas for Your Ramadan Table

As Ramadan fast is here, those of Muslim faith are living this holly month of inner reflection and outer atonement.  Forgoing food and beverages from the time the sun rises until after it sets, the fast must be broken with a proper Iftar, the meal that Muslims enjoy after sunset on Ramadan.

Moroccan Food: Harira Soup, Couscous, Lamb Kebab

Moroccan Food: Harira Soup, Couscous, Lamb Kebab

Like most major holidays, the feast of Ramadan can take on many forms. There are tried and true traditional offerings that many families choose to serve, while others opt for a different style.  Here are 5 Iftar ideas that will make you think about the Ramadan recipes you want to use:

Traditional moroccan iftar table, Photo Credit. A. Touha

Traditional moroccan iftar table, Photo Credit. A. Touha

  1. Traditional Moroccan Ftour Table

Going all out in the Moroccan tradition for Ramadan food, your Iftar (or ftour as the Moroccans refer to it) menu would have to include harira, a healthy and delicious soup that can easily be made without meat if desired.  Dates are an important staple and are commonly served with harira. Chebakia, a flower-shaped cookie coated with honey and sesame seeds is another major component along with a variety of other sweet things that serve to bring friends and family together.

Authentic moroccan iftar table, Photo Credit: L. Hassini

Authentic moroccan iftar table, Photo Credit: L. Hassini

  1. Asian-Style Iftar Table

To give your Iftar an Asian-flair, you’ll need to serve shrimp noodle soup made with thin rice noodles, big fresh shrimp, fresh ginger and a variety of vegetables. Equally as important, cauliflower bites make a great complementary, not to mention nutritious dish.



  1. French Cheese Table

Add a touch of panache and turn your Ramadan meal into a regal French evening with a hearty vegetable chorba soup. It’s typically made with a fresh vegetable medley and vermicelli. With a vibrant golden-orange hue, it will brighten up your table. Though France would be nothing without its cheeses, so serve plenty of brie, Gruyère, or even Roquefort, along with cheese rolls to round out the meal.

ramadan iftar ideas- Skalli Ep Bezzate

Healthy iftar table, Photo: Skalli

Healthy iftar table, Photo: Skalli

cheese iftar table

  1. Healthy Table

Most people equate a meat-free meal with being healthier. It’s true, since meats have more calories and fat than vegetables. If you’re serving vegetarians and vegans at your Iftar, you can dish out a lovely Moroccan lentil soup which is made up of lentils, vegetables, and seasonings like cardamom, cayenne pepper and cumin. Crispy vegetable-filled spring rolls are another great way to fill everyone up.

iftar seafood

  1. Seafood-Style Iftar

Make a splash with Ramadan food that includes fresh fish. A Moroccan fish tagine is a perfect way to accomplish this. That sweet yet savory stew made with eel, vegetables and spices like saffron and turmeric is also so good for you. Grilled sardines are another tasty yet healthful way to bring freshness to your Iftar menu.

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