Halal Nail Polish: All You Need to Know!

Halal nail polish- Getting a manicure and playing with different nail colors is the easiest way to feel pampered and put together. However, coating the nails with polish poses a problem for Muslim women around the world as the pre-prayer ritual which involves washing the hands remains incomplete. Regular nail polish doesn’t allow water to contact the nail surface during wudhu. Halal or breathable nail polish comes as a solution to all the women who pray five times a day and love wearing nail polish too. Here’s what you should know about Halal nail polish:

nails-halal nail polish

What is Halal nail Polish?

Halal nail polish is permeable to water. This makes it compliant to Muslim laws. Halal or breathable nail enamel is created using a formula that goes into the making of contact lenses. The formula was invented by Wojciech Inglot which the brand introduced as O2M nail polish. Researchers conducted coffee filter tests that involved putting O2M and regular nail paint on coffee filters and then observing how the two reacted to water. The water was able to penetrate Inglot’s O2M nail polish.

manicure-halal nail polish

What makes it special?

It can be a tiresome routine for women to remove their nail polish so often or wear nail polish for short periods of time only to re-do their nails again. Water seeps easily through the O2M nail polish as opposed to standard nail polish that lets water trickle off the surface.

When modern women shop for beauty products they aren’t just looking for face value. The trend now is for buying cosmetics that are not only appealing but also healthy and non-toxic.  Going natural isn’t just limited to hair and skin it also extends to the hand and toe nails. What makes halal nail polish truly special is that it lets women keep up their beauty rituals along with their religious rituals while offering a healthy alternative in general.

Water Permeable Nail Polish brands

Wudhu-friendly, breathable nail polish has been flying off the shelf ever since it has hit the market. Hopping onto the trend wagon, breathable nail polish brands are coming up with similar products to Inglot’s O2M nail polish:


Acquarella’s nail polish is water-based. The brand has always been non-toxic and chemical free. The nail polish is made using acrylic copolymers and water as a solvent.

LACC Polish

LACC’s breathable nail polish isn’t just non-toxic but also vegan. It dries faster and looks shiny even when applied in a thin coat.

Breathable nail polish continues to retain its popularity among buyers. Water permeable nail polish is here to stay as Muslim women and the health-conscious are fast recognizing its health and cosmetic value.

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