Orange Blossom Water: Amazing Benefits and Uses You Didn’t Know About!

What is Orange Blossom Water?

Orange blossom water is found in most Moroccan homes. It is made by letting the flower petals sit in distilled water in the sun till the flower’s fragrance is infused into the water. The flower water has been a favorite of royalty like Mary Antoinette.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be royalty to enjoy the beautifying and therapeutic benefits of orange blossom water. You can easily get your hands on some of the floral water in stores or make it at home.

Orange Blossoms have innumerable skin benefits and it also finds its way into the kitchen for its taste and fresh scent.

Here’s ten ways you can use orange flower water:

Experiment with cocktails

Orange blossom water pairs well with drinks. It’s best mixed with cucumber and lemon into summer drinks. Use it as an excuse to hold a get-together with friends or family and create your own drinks.

Add drops of Orange blossom to your Cocktail drink.  Image via Flickr

Add drops of Orange blossom to your Cocktail drink. Image via Flickr

Flavor your tea

Orange blossom water has a subtle sweetness that is perfect for tea. Boil some along with water for tea and transform your morning tea to a whole new refreshing drink.

Mix it into desserts

Just a teaspoon of orange blossom water can do a lot to enhance the flavor of chocolate desserts, cookies, rice puddings and cupcakes.

orange blossom water syrup for dessert, Image via Flickr

orange blossom water syrup for dessert, Image via Flickr

Swap it with your skin toner

The flower water is an amazing all-natural skin toner that won’t have you worrying about skin damage.
Add it to your bath water
Nothing is more relaxing than some aroma therapy. Mix the blossom water in when you run a bath and enjoy its calming effect.

Freshen up your room

Orange blossoms are known for their scent. Add a few drops to boiling water or to an aroma dispenser to freshen up the room with a scent that isn’t overpowering.

Keep your clothes smelling fresh

Sprinkle orange blossom water on your clothes while ironing to keep them smelling good all day long.

Condition your hair

Orange blossom makes your hair strong and lustrous as well. Use it as an all-natural conditioner for when you’ve had too much of all the chemicals regular conditioners come with.

Use it to cure an upset tummy

The flower water is known in the Middle East as a natural remedy for indigestion and gas.

Calm skin redness and irritation

Apart from nourishing the skin, the water also soothes burns and irritation on skin.

Make your own fragrant.

Follow an orange blossom water recipe and make your own DIY fragrant. Blending into the spirit of summer has never been easier.



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