Rhassoul Clay: Amazing Benefits and Uses


The Benefits of Benzonite Clay or Rhassoul on hair and skin are just amazing

The Benefits of Benzonite Clay or Rhassoul on hair and skin are just amazing

If you are long for an all-purpose skin and hair care product, try your hand at a minimalistic, natural beauty approach with rhassoul clay.  Beauty is all about skin and hair care that involves the right nourishment. In the quest for making the skin glow, women have tried an assortment of products full of chemicals and artificial ingredients, only to realize that it does more harm than good. Cutting down on chemicals is a beauty trend that doesn’t seem to fade away. Natural products and nature inspired beauty regimes are now in vogue.

What is Rhassoul clay?

The earliest users of the natural clay were the Roman and Egyptian royalty. It was discovered in the lake beds of Morocco over 1,400 years ago and has been passed on through generations. Rhassoul clay is one of Morocco’s best kept beauty secrets. It is rich in silica, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Here are a few clay mask benefits and Uses-

Our favorite is Rhassoul Lava Clay by Sahara Rose

Rhassoul clay as a skin purifier

Rhassoul clays are used as masks for the face and all over the body to clear the skin. It removes dust particles and impurities from within the skin giving it a deep cleanse. Its consistency too is like a creamy cleanser. Other varieties like bentonite and red clay are known to pull out toxins. Moroccan red clay also works well against blackheads.

Rhassoul clay as a moisturizer

Rhassoul clay cleanses the skin without robbing it of its natural oils and moisture. It reduces skin dryness and is surprisingly moisturizing to the skin. Applying rhassoul clay will leave your skin soft and smooth on washing. Additionally, it tightens the pores and gives the skin an elastic, supple texture.

Rhassoul clay for natural hair care

A clay shampoo may not be the first thing your look for in the hair care aisle at the store. However, as a shampoo, rhassoul clay does a good job keeping the hair moisturized. It even helps fight dandruff and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Rhassoul clay gives you healthy, bouncy hair and a healthy scalp.

With Bentonite clay, you get to skip exfoliation as its cleansing properties take care of the step. To add to the host benefits, with regular use you will notice a decrease in acne scars. You get smooth firm skin and hydrated healthy locks with just this one beauty ingredient.

Try this Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Mask..

While the beauty industry will have you believe that filling your beauty regime with lotions and potions is the only way to achieving the perfect skin and hair, a natural approach can prove otherwise. Ghassoul clay is fast replacing cosmetic cleansers in the beauty bags of bloggers, the health conscious and even celebrities.

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