Exclusive: Suad Amjahdi Interview about her new Single

Suad Amjahdi (isn’t she gorgeous?!) gives a rare interview to SOMOROCCAN, in which she speaks candidly about her passion for music, her new song Jer M3ak Lbab, her experience working with world class moroccan musicians, what she wants to accomplish next, and much more.

Photo Courtesy of Suad Amjahdi

Photo Courtesy of Suad Amjahdi

Who is Suad Amjahdi? 

I was born and raised in Meknes, Morocco. My love for music started at a very early age.  I have memories performing in local auditions, in front of crowds.  I couldn’t really continue because I had school and pursuing higher education was very important for me and my family. I came to the US right after high school, where I finished my studies.  I have since been working in Orlando, Florida, while being a mother to four. I love doing social work, I have had the pleasure helping many moroccan families who just moved here, getting acquainted to their new life.

When did you get back to music?

I went back to music in the late 90’s.  I was involved in the community for more than 10 years.  Part of that was participating in the organization of local festivals, like the moroccan festival in Orlando and the Arab festival.  I was also helping in the organization and planning of moroccan artists’s tours in the USA.  These experiences gave me a lot exposure and access to key players in the moroccan music scene.

Suad Amjahdi

Jer M3ak Lbab is your second single, but for a lot of people it might feel like your first. How is it different this time?
Well, my first album was Mali we Mal Lhob.  Jer M3ak Lbabi is my new song.  I was fortunate to work with exceptional people: moroccan songwriter Mohamed Maghrebi, music by mohamed Rifai and the producer Mohamed Chraibi, music arranger Cherabi, Director Anuar Lmir.  The recording studios Adel Hanna and Jawad Bohsina.

Are you planning any future events?
I am planning on going to Morocco in the next months to promote my new song.  In the US,  I usually perform in around 5 festivals and Galas.  Meanwhile, my new song is available on youtube.  Watch Video Jer M3ak Lbab .

What is your favorite Moroccan product?

Argan oil is my favorite.  The advantages are just amazing for the skin and hair.  but, it needs to be authentic.

What is your favorite moroccan food?

I love Lamb Tagine with Prunes.

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