Casbah: Stunning Decor Ideas and Inspirations

Casbah or Kasbah is a very popular Moroccan design, well-known for its luxurious and elegant aspects. As interior designer Vanessa De Vargas says – “Moroccan styles are timeless”, which is true as Casbah inspired décor ideas are ruling the roost in the industry, while their demand is increasing with each passing day.


Kasbah Museum Tangier - photo via Mmoss

Kasbah Museum Tangier – photo via Mmoss

What are Kasbah designs?
Moroccan Kasbah designs are available in the form of carved doors and columns, hand-woven carpets, intricately painted tiles, lanterns, leather goods and silver tea sets. The colors used are typically sober and earthy colors, even though some experimentation is always encouraged. Earth tones combined with various shades of blue and pink are common, as are texture and pattern. A slightly contemporary version of this trend incorporates Moroccan-design motifs, materials and styles but imparts a fresh twist to them, instead of sticking to conventional designs that are more elaborate.

kasbah tamadot2

kasbah Tamadot

Why opt for Casbah furniture?
Handmade home furnishings are a common choice these days by home owners who wish to adorn their surroundings with lavish décor items. There are special products created for those who have an unusual taste apart from other cool and unique home accessories.

Gordon Stein LA Moroccan bedroom-casbah-cove-gordon-stein-design

Gordon Stein LA Moroccan bedroom casbah

Arabian style and artistic craftsmanship are popular due to their exotic and unique qualities. In particular, Morocco has a large number of skilled artisans with a distinct Andaluz-Moorish style uniquely free of Turkish influences, which is purer and stronger than that of other Arab nations today.

Hotel Nord Pinus Tanger, Photo via Coco Morocco

Hotel Nord Pinus Tanger, Photo via Coco Morocco

How can you decorate your home?
For example, an ornately decorated Kasbah chair in rich hues would look fabulous in your living room, or you could get a set and put them in the dining area along with a matching table. Casbah chandeliers look extremely majestic – it would resemble a typical Moroccan style room if as it imparts an ambience of sophistication and grandeur. Another item that is selling like hot cakes is a Casbah mirror that is decorated with beautiful embellishments to make it more striking – place it in any part of the house and it will totally transform the surroundings.

Moroccan Red Bedroom, casbah-cove-gordon-stein-design

Moroccan Red Bedroom, casbah-cove-gordon-stein-design

If you are looking to revamp your home and give it a much-needed facelift, Casbah furniture can come in handy. The trick is to shop from the right place so you can get genuine Moroccan items instead of cheap throwbacks made of inferior materials. Casbah décor items make amazing gifts too, so if you are still wondering what to get your friend for her birthday or what to buy for an upcoming housewarming party; you know exactly how to proceed!


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