Aker Fassi: Moroccan women’ Secret to a Glowing Skin & Other Incredible Uses & Tips !

Those well-versed with Moroccan cosmetics must have heard the term Aker Fassi. If yes, you have unlocked the secret of beautiful Moroccan women, and in case you are unfamiliar with it, then behold –you are about to know one of the most potent Moroccan beauty secrets.

aker fassi

What is Aker Fassi?

It is often referred to as the magic powder for glowing skin! It is traditionally from the city of Fez and comes in the form of a small clay cup, shaped by hand, coated with a dye. The latter is made using poppy leaves and bark of pomegranate – once these are extracted, they are dried under the Moroccan sun for the beautiful and glowing red tone that is the final result. It used to be manufactured for use by Berber women for makeup and blush. In Morocco you can easily find the Aker El Fassi as lid made of clay, like the lid of a tajine. If you wish to purchase it in the original form, it will look like dried petals. Aker Fassi has hydrating, softening, antioxidant, and astringent properties.


It can be used in the following ways – take a look:

Lip care

Aker Fassi can be mixed with Vaseline and applied on your lips. The reddish, brick hue will look amazing, while the lips are nourished and protected from chapping at the same time – they feel softer and the color is brilliant. Apply just once to obtain a natural look (rose pink) and multiple times to achieve a darker tone (intense red).

Body and skin care

Rhassoul Clay lessens dryness, enhances skin clarity and elasticity, unblock pores, removes stubborn blackheads, and so on, which results in a general smoothing of the surface skin. When mixed with Aker Fassi, it can be used for brightening the complexion and softening skin – if you wish to go for a facial using this mask; it is a great idea as you will feel the suppleness later on. In body care, it softens the skin and gives it a beautiful satin finish.

The Benefits of Benzonite Clay or Rhassoul on hair and skin are just amazing

The Benefits of Benzonite Clay or Rhassoul on hair and skin are just amazing


It is well-known that Aker Fassi gives you glowing skin, but it is advisable not to apply it directly to the skin due to its high concentration of properties of both poppy and pomegranate. It yields best results when mixed with floral water (rose or jasmine), in order to make the mixture gentler. Apply it over the body – don’t fret about the red tint as there will be no remnants on the skin. Wash it off after it dries.

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