Tangier: 10 Must See Places to Visit & Things to Do

One of the beautiful places in Morocco is the city of Tangier. It is a port city that is located in the Strait of Gibraltar. This is recognized as a tactical gateway between the land of Africa and Europe during the Phoenician era. The scenic views of the city serve as a great attraction for the people in the place as well as for the many tourists who visits the place.

tangier top things to visit do and see

The progressive city of Tangier has lots of beautiful and remarkable scenic spots that are perfect and very pleasing to the eyes. The city includes different places of attraction for the tangiers. The following are the top 10 places in Tangier Morocco, where you can spend quality time with your family, friends and your special someone.

Tangiers Bay

Tangiers Bay

  1. Tangier American Legation Museum. It is one of the beautiful places in the city of Tangier that most people often visit because of its sophisticated five-story mansion, which contains an inspiring exhibition of various paintings that features the impressive skills of famous artists. In addition to the paintings, the museum also includes a bookshop and a wing that was especially designed for Paul Bowles

    P. Bowles - Musée de La légation Américaine, Photo: R. Taferssiti

    P. Bowles – Musée de La légation Américaine, Photo: R. Taferssiti

  2. Kasbah- This is one of the historic places that can give you an awesome view of high walls. As part of history, Kasbah was established as a symbol of wealth of several families in the place of Tangier. This is an attraction in the place that was used to protect the city from sudden attacks.

    Kasbah Museum Tangier - photo via Mmoss

    Kasbah Museum Tangier – photo via Mmoss

  3. Grand Socco- This was also recognized as Place du Grand 9 Avril 1947. It serves as a division of medina and the Ville Nouvelle areas of the city. Its name was derived from the speech of Mohammad V, which also shows the support for the Moroccan independence way back in April 9, 1947.

    Grand Soko, Tangiers, Photo Credit:  Zemmouri

    Grand Soko, Tangiers, Photo Credit: Zemmouri

  4. St Andrews Church- This is the perfect church for every family in the area of Tangier. The church has beautiful views both inside and outside. The church serves as a commemoration to several individuals that made big contributions to the city.
  5. Mendoubia Gardens- This was formed in the area of Grand Socco wherein you can see a huge marble fountain as well as park benches where you can sit and relax with someone.
  6. Place de Faro and Place de France- Place de France is also known as Terrasse des Paresseux that means “The Terrace of the Lazy.” It is viewed as a big terrace that is located over the Straits of Spain.
  7. Wander in the Medina- This wonderful place can give you a great travel experience by just witnessing the beautiful views in the place.
  8. Cap Spartel Lighthouse- This is a famous place that most tourists prefer to go to. The amazing view of the lighthouse is perfect for you if you want a peaceful and calm place.Cap Lighthouse Tangiers
  9. Caves of Hercules- It is included in the top caves in the Tangier The cave also signifies the history and Pillars of Hercules.
  10. The Ruins of the Roman City of Lixus in Larache- This is the ancient place that highlights the history of the Ruins of the Roman City. It was located in the seaport of Larache.

With these beautiful attractions in Tangier, the tangiers can surely enjoy visiting and traveling in the place.

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