SOMOROCCAN Exclusive: An Interview with Singer & Songwriter Houda Idrissi

Houda Idrissi is an up and coming singer/songwriter based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her music can’t be defined by one traditional genre.  The talented singer discusses her journey, her latest single and her future plans.

Photo Credit: Houda Idrissi

Photo Courtesy of Houda Idrissi

Who is Houda Idrissi and when did your relationship with Music start?

I grew up surrounded by music.  At a very early age I was performing in a band while I was attending the Spanish school in Tangiers, Morocco.  At that time I was very much in love with the  Cranberries.  My mom heard me singing one day and thought, for real, it was the voice of the Cranberries musician, Dolores O’Riordan. Then, later while I was attending Al Akhaway University, I was always performing at the talent show and other events and I started to enjoy it.

My dad was into music.  He would wake me up and my sister every Sunday, early morning, with all genres of music.  When we travel in the car, we would listen to different kinds of music and play games to guess the author, symphonies, etc.   I think my dad has played a huge role in that my taste in music today is so eclectic.

What was your first work in music?

I started writing my own material, lyrics, and music in 2008.  My first single “Cold” was in 2010.  After that, I had my band Alternative Rock band Negative with guitarist, Christopher Blakely.  At that time, I wrote and composed my successful album “Reinvention”.  Later, I travelled to Europe and other parts of the world.  I even had the opportunity, not very long ago, to go back to the University where I was performing as a student and had the opportunity to teach music to 9 students.  A very emotional moment for me.

Most recently, single “You Never Existed” was selected as the theme song of California based web series Miracle Mile Girls featured in the cover of The Hollywood Reporter for Cannes in May 2013 at the Festival de Cannes.

What are you working on now and what are your plans for the future?

Since 2014, I have been performing music shows in Solo.  I recently was working on my latest album You Hateful Thing, which was shot in Babylon, the only moroccan themed restaurant, in Raleigh.  I like to add some of my roots to the music I make.  Like mixing Instruments like Derbouka, Tar and Oud to western music.

Click on the picture to Watch “You Hateful Thing”, by Houda Idrissi

Are you planning any future events? 

I have many upcoming events in the US.  I am also interested in performing at festivals in Europe and Morocco.

houda idrissi

Photo Coutesy of houda idrissi

What is your favorite Moroccan beauty product?

Argan oil without a doubt. I just love using it on my hair and skin.

What is your favorite moroccan food?

I love Chicken Bastilla and Moroccan Fish Tagine


You can also view Houda Idrissi’s shows and concerts on or through her youtube channel and listen to her music on reverbnation

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