Five Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Small Spaces

Like any room in your home, even small spaces would need to be decorated. It is through this aspect that they are given life, personality, and character, and it certainly would make one more receptive to stay in that area if it is adequately decorated. However, homeowners who are novices at decorating small spaces would often commit many errors. As a result, these mistakes would overwhelm a room space instead of making it seem bigger. To avoid doing the same, take a gander at the decorating mistakes you should avoid which are applicable anywhere—whether you are billeted in a condo unit in Sedona parc, or a condo unit in Cebu City.

Image via Decorpad

Image via Decorpad

1.)   Interrupting Visual Flow

Use a home with multiple small adjacent rooms to your advantage by making it appear and feel larger. This can be done by visually connecting the rooms through a cohesive material story, unified color palette or overall style. Doing it this way will help the space mesh together harmoniously—as if the rooms are extensions of each other.

Via Digsdigs

Via Digsdigs

2.)   Leaving Unused Space

When it comes to small spaces, it is important to remember that every square inch of space matters. With this in mind, be innovative when it comes to the storage area and places so you can maximize the space. Nifty things such as stacked storage, floor-to-ceiling shelving, adding built-in seating would make the most out of the functionality of a small room.

Liza Bruce's Stylish Moroccan Kitchen, Elle Decor

Liza Bruce’s Stylish Moroccan Kitchen, Elle Decor

3.)    Hoarding and Decluttering

Homeowners who are notorious for hoarding would soon discover the discomfort of living with too much stuff. Hoarding things—no matter what they may be—contributes to clutter and clutter eats up space which you do not have in abundance. This remains true even if you have smart storage solutions. When you have found that you have accumulated a lot of stuff, it is time to take a little introspection and evaluate which belongings would need to go and which ones can stay. Do not let the small space of your home be overwhelmed by your clutter.

A beautiful moroccan candle lamp is used in this Moroccan style Anne Becker bedroom.  Photo Credit:  Elle Decor

A beautiful moroccan candle lamp is used in this Moroccan style Anne Becker bedroom. Photo Credit: Elle Decor

4.)   Underestimating Natural Light

Lighting brings out any room, and it is especially ideal for small spaces. Use natural lighting by strategically placing mirrors to reflect and spread the light and if it is too bright, choose woven blinds instead of completely blocking the sunlight. If natural light is rather limited, make sure to keep the hues and the color of your dominant furniture light to brighten up the room.inspiring-bohemain-living-room-designs-15

5.)   Playing it safe

More often than not, homeowners with small spaces tend to have uninspired decorating ideas and would tend to leave it bare for fear of committing a mistake. A small space does not have to mean a bland home. Do not be afraid to break the mold and incorporate large-scale patterns and bright-colored accents into the space. These large and bold accents will detract attention away from the lack of space and make your home feel both cozy and spacious.

Moroccan Wall Stencil in a modern home office, Shop Pattern Here

Moroccan Wall Stencil in a modern home office, Shop Pattern Here

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