Celebrities attending the COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco 

There’s a strong concern about the environment at this point in our society’s life, so a climate summit like the COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco is of a major importance. This is why many celebrities are coming here, alongside many state officials. The cop22 conference is set to begin on November 7 and it will continue throughout the 18th in Marrakech! According to huffpostmaghreb, there are plenty of celebrities that you can encounter here, should you choose to tune in for the conference.

Source: huffpostmaghreb

Source: huffpostmaghreb

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio is widely known for his commitment to protecting the environment. He will be a part of COP22 and he was invited to present a new documentary on climate change. This documentary is named Before the Flood and stars Leonardo Dicaprio as he meets with statesmen around the world as he tries to find solutions to various environment problems.

Paul David Hewson

Also known as Bono, Paul David Hewson is the lead singer of U2 and he will participate at the activities here. Paul David Hewson is a humanitarian and he is also a philanthropist. He will work hard to make sure that issues like AIDS, poverty and other similar ones are eliminated as fast as possible.

Diego Maradona

COP22 Marrakech will also feature the fabled footballer. He will attend the opening ceremony at the event and he will also participate in a gala match designed to celebrate the 41st anniversary of the Green March in Morocco.


Akon is a well-known and respected pop singer with a very good career in music. He will also participate at COP22 and he will provide support for fighting against climate change. He is known for supporting the environment as he created a project named Akon Lighting Africa a few years ago, a project designed to offer electricity via solar powered equipment to 40 countries in Africa.

Robert Redford

The highly respected producer, director and environment activist Robert Redford will also come at the COP22. It’s important to note that he is dedicated to serving the universe and he works hard to protect the environment. So he will indeed have a lot to say at the event.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger will also be one of the celebrities that will attend the COP22 Marrakech summit. He will attend it on the 14th of November during a speech about climate and the environment. As a respected politician and environment activist, Arnold Schwarzenegger will work very hard to ensure that the proper steps are made in order to protect our world against the imminent environmental changes!

As you can see, the Marrakech summit will be packed with lots of environment-related topics and plenty of celebrities will attend it as well. One thing is certain, people are very delighted that celebrities are showing their support and attach their name to this event. The COP22 Marrakech is very important for our society and thanks to these great celebrities, the event receives the much-needed exposure that is in dire need of!

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