Homemade foot scrub Recipes: For Healthy, Smooth, Happy Feet!

Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are the fundamental principles of a good skin care. But this practice should not be limited to facial care alone. Unfortunately, our feet are the most neglected part and the foot pampering at the salons can be quite expensive as well.  Do you know there are several homemade DIY foot scrub tricks available? Have you tried any of the homemade scrub to keep your feet healthy and radiant?

Moroccan beauty natural products Photo credit: Benson Kua, Flickr

Moroccan beauty natural products
Photo credit: Benson Kua, Flickr

Homemade foot scrub takes care of rough feet

Long hours of working hours, often your feet are exposed to the footwear friction and also due to the different seasonal changes, roughness and dead skin cells accumulate on your feet, especially at the heel area, making it appear ugly and repulsive. In fact, it will make you feel embarrassed to wear flip flops or be bare footed in front of others. Apart from the appearance, it is sometimes painful and discomforting as well. This is where the homemade foot scrub can be the best option to consider.

Foot exfoliation is a healthy option

Out of all the different methods of taking care of your feet, a foot exfoliator can be of immense help and benefit. Scrubbing your feet can provide you the relaxation that you might be looking for after a day’s hard work. Before you use a food scrub at home, it is suggested to soak your feet in cold water for at least 10 minutes before you start with the exfoliating. This stimulates the blood circulation and also softens the skin. You can opt for hot water as well for soaking feet.

Several foot detox recipes are available

A drop of the Lavender essential or the Argan oil can enhance the relaxing properties of your natural foot soak. The homemade foot soak consisting of the ingredients like coarse salt, olive oil, sugar and other essential oils give a moisturizing effect which is necessary for maintaining a healthy foot. The use of the sea salt foot scrub exfoliates your feet’s dead skin cells and cleanse them nourishing the skin of your feet and the nails.

There are a number of foot soak detox recipes to choose from. The best part is that you don’t have to invest a bulk amount of money in preparing the homemade foot soak products. They are easily available in your kitchen. For instance, you can prepare the homemade natural sugar scrub, coconut oil salt scrub, sea salt scrub recipe and the list go on.

Start using your very own DIY homemade foot soak recipes

Our feet are more prone to dryness and using the home foot soak recipe, it saves a lot of money visiting the salons and keeping the feet hydrated and nourished. You need to rub the salt scrub recipe, homemade salt scrub or the sugar scrub for feet gently by massaging it in circular motion until it completely gets absorbed.

The homemade sugar scrub is considered as one of the best foot scrubber products that are being used by millions of individuals all across the globe. Ditch the salons and start preparing your very own foot soak recipe at home and cherish a nourished, moisturized and a beautiful foot.

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