Make the Best Moroccan Lamb Stew Recipes Every-time with a Simple Trick!

If you’re looking to create the best Moroccan lamb stew recipes at home, look no further. There are many wonderful options for Moroccan-style lamb dishes available, but we personally love to use a simple spice mix for the best Moroccan lamb stew by simply combining several ingredients and spices.  For this Moroccan lamb recipe, you can use lamb shanks or a leg of lamb.  This can also be used cooked on a tagine or as slow cooker recipes, depending on what you have on hand and on the time available.

Best Moroccan Lamb Stew Recipes


Our favorite Moroccan lamb dish will include the following spices: Safran, ground ginger, coriander, salt, fresh ground black pepper. A pinch of the allspice Ras Elhanout is really optional. Along with fresh crushed garlic, and cilantro and some Smen (Moroccan aged butter).  Rub the lamb stew with this spice mix . The great thing about this spice combination is that it can be used in practically any Moroccan lamb tagine wether it is Moroccan lamb shanks or Moroccan leg of lamb recipes interchangeably and also with any veggies or dried fruits you choose to add with excellent results.

Moroccan Spices/ ingredients


Your Moroccan Lamb stew should start with a lamb shank or leg of lamb, seasoned with the spices listed above, . Ensure the lamb is tender or increase you cooking time accordingly. For a Moroccan lamb stew, It is your choice to cube the meat or just  leave it as whole pieces . Add oil and onions in a cooking pan, then add your seasoned meat and let it simmer. When done cooking the meat, turn the heat down.. You can add your favorite veggie like potatoes or green peas to the pot and let it cook until the veggies are cooked.  Allowing you everytime to experience new flavours!

Other Ingredients

You can add other things to get a little variety to your Moroccan lamb stew.  Examples would be to add tomatoes, and chickpeas. Olives and preserved lemons are also a favorite. Try making your stew tagine style by adding raisins, prunes or dates and honey.

Slow Cooker Moroccan Lamb Stew

To make Moroccan lamb stew in a slow cooker, add your final ingredients to a crock pot along with your spiced meat, cover and cook on high for four to six hours or low for eight to ten hours.

Creating your own Moroccan lamb stew recipes at home is easy once you know the basic ingredients, many of which you probably have on hand. If you keep a good stock of moroccan spices . And however you make your Moroccan lamb stew, always serve it with bread or on a bed of couscous.


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