Decorating a Moroccan Nursery: Ideas & Inspirations

Morocco is a beautiful North African country known for its rich and long history and culture. Throughout the past, its tradition has influenced many European countries, as well as countries on other continents, mainly because of the traveling merchants, and more recently, thanks to the possibility to travel to new and distant places.

The Moroccan style inspires us on a daily basis in terms of home décor. Many parents opt for this style for their kids’ rooms because it includes comfy furniture, intricate patterns, as well as unique color palettes.

Continue reading and learn some of the best tips and tricks how to get your child’s room endowed with Moroccan design.

Moroccan inspired nursery decor, Cathy Green Interiors


Warm, bold colors dominate this style, so don’t be afraid to substitute the old pink, blue, green, and yellow with more daring ones, such as deep dark blue, olive green, magenta, turquoise, and even crimson. You can create a colorful oasis by painting the whole room in one color, or you can choose to have an accent wall in one of these Moroccan colors, and the rest of them in lighter shades to contrast the boldness. The possibilities are endless, and you can even use a wallpaper with an arabesque pattern, or find stencils to decorate your walls.


This style is all about making it comfy, so one of the best features of Moroccan design suitable for a nursery is a warm throw blanket with traditional pom poms on ends. Try finding them in intricate, complex patterns to give the room a certain depth and warmth. There’s another central piece you can use to accentuate the influence of this style: Buy moroccan rugs in a wide variety of colors and prints to bring out the best of the design.


Lights are very important when it comes to kids and their rooms. Undoubtedly, lighting plays a major role from the early stages of children’s lives – it helps them cope with the fear of the dark when they are really young, but it is also key when they start going to school as they need lots of quality light for doing homework, reading, and studying. Therefore, you can combine pretty and practical lighting, all with a dash of Moroccan style. Relatively affordable and beautiful lamps and lanterns made of brass can be found in all colors, with numerous different engravings and designs.


And finally, accessorize it! You can also combine charming and useful here, and get a couple of poufs. They are essentially like a small taboret made of colorful embroidered leather, but you can go for other textiles and variations for a kids’ room. They’re great for the kids to sit on, and they’re soft and comfortable like bean bags, only more stylish. Throw in several accent cushions, and you’re good to go!

Another option here is a Moroccan wall mirror, with an arabesque-styled frame which you can find or paint yourself in bright, cheerful colors.


Some other ideas include using the same design for picture frames.

These can be usually found in art supplies or dollar stores, but you can make them as a part of a family activity, as well. Just cut out the shape, and let the imagination and paint do their job. This way, you’ll have a piece of your team work with your favorite photos hanging on the walls for your child to look at.


As you probably already know, Moroccan style offers a warm, comforting, homely feeling to any room. Opting for a moroccan nursery will surely make your child happy and cheerful, with all those colors, peculiar patterns, and an overall comfortable atmosphere.

Gabriella Diesendorf  a freelance writer from Australia and a devoted mother of two kids, two cats, and one large dog.  She loves badgering about home decoration, green lifestyle choices, and parenting techniques, and if you mention attachment parenting she will bore you to death.  She is the  founder of the blog


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