Dollar to Moroccan Dirham: What You Should Know!

Are you planning a trip to Morocco? Mouth watering cuisines, exotic landscapes and scenarios are the elements that get the maximum attention and focus. When you have a little knowhow about the local currency, you have the knowledge about the currency exchange rates from Dollar to Moroccan Dirham. This enables you with easy cash access and thereby you can enjoy your trip to Morocco to the fullest.

Dollar to Moroccan Dirham

About Dirham

Dirham is the currency of Morocco, abbreviated MAD or as “dh”. It is officially a closed currency, meaning that you can trade with Dirham only within Morocco.  Exchange of US dollars to Moroccan Dirhams takes place, in major cities and most touristic venues. Though legally it is against the law to take Dirham out of Morocco, but the export and the import of the currency exchange can be done only up to a certain amount usually around 40.000 MAD for locals.

Exchange of Dirham currency is available almost everywhere

Don’t panic in case you don’t have Dirhams while you are in Morocco. Most airports in Morocco has the currency exchange rate counters available for people looking for currency exchange.  Also all banks, major hotels and major cities have exchange bureaus.  The exchange rates are regulated by Bank Al Maghrib, the central bank of the Kingdom of Morocco and charging high amounts is absolutely abandoned. Thus, you will find very small difference in the fees and the amounts of  rates between the currency exchange counters and banks.

Have knowledge about the conversion from Dollar to Dirham

If you are planning to visit the beautiful and the exotic nation, Morocco, knowning about the local as well international exchange rate is necessary.  Have a look at the Dollar to Moroccan Dirham Chart and gain knowledge about the current figure, calculate 1 USD to MAD (Dirham) and accordingly plan your finance and budget for the holiday in Morocco.

Are you a traveller in Morocco?

There is no dearth of banks in the cities that allows the currency converter service to the people. You must show your passport while asking for the conversion and don’t forget to ask for the receipt as a proof of evidence that you have followed the legal proceedings in respect to the currency exchange in Morocco.

If your a traveller in the country, perhaps using the debit card for the withdrawn of cash in Dirham currency is the best option via the ATMs. You must note that some banks are closed during  lunchtime and also during local holidays.  You might want to ask about those before heading there!There are some banks that get closed by 2pm or 3 pm during the summer.   Dollar to Moroccan Dirham Western Union money transfer facility is also available. Check out the US Dollar to Moroccan Dirham exchange rate on the internet have gain idea about the same.

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