Face Serum, The FAQs

What is a face serum?

Serum for face is a skincare product that is applied on the skin after cleansing but not before moisturizing. Since serum ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin, it is an excellent anti aging skin care and can target the wrinkles, facial lines, crow’s feet around the eyes etc. You can bid farewell to all your signs of aging.

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Is serum apt for your skin?

The answer is a yes, but it necessary to look out for the ingredients in the skin serum. For example, in case you have acne, you must look out for a serum that consists of Vitamin C, Salicylic acid, retinol, zinc, and thereby enhance the skin repairing process, unclog pores, reduces inflammation and help in balanced oil production.

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Does serums have any expiry date?

Yes, definitely even the best serum for skin used have expiry dates. There are certain ingredients found that become unsound when they come in contact with the air, get oxidized and thereby the efficacy reduces. For instance, ascorbic acid gets oxidized when it comes in contact with air. Thanks to the advanced science and technology that the ingredients can be preserved and last longer for up to six months to one year.

What about the price?

As per the skincare products are concerned, the serums are expensive and costlier than the other skin care items. But if you research the market well, you can get hold of the best anti aging serum at a reasonable price rate.

What should be the frequency of the usage?

This is something that depends abolsutely on the serum that you are using. It is advisable that you must read the labels and instructions and accordingly apply. But usually applying the serum once a day is considered good.

Can serum be considered as a moisturizer?

The best face serum consists of ingredients that helps in retaining the moisture or hydration of the skin. But it doesn’t make the serums as traditional moisturizers. So the answer is both a yes and no if aksed whether a serum is a moisturizer or not.

Is there any particular way of using the serum?

There is definitely a specific way of applying serum on your face. It is advised to dab the hydrating serum on your face. Make sure that you don’t rub it on your face. Squeeze an apt amount on your palm and gently massage on your face so that it penetrates deep into your skin.

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