Babouche: The Latest Trends You Need to See!! Cute Moroccan leather slippers ..

Babouche – the name given to Moroccan leather slippers, which means an Oriental style “heelless” shoe, has steadily gained worldwide popularity to their quality and exemplary skill used to make them.

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Unrivaled popularity of Babouche

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Babouche flat house slippers are one of the best selling products from Morocco. Although men’s leather slippers were initially more in demand, Moroccan leather slippers for ladies are now ruling the roost in many markets.

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The rubber sole on this design lets you wear the slippers outdoors too, which could be really helpful while gardening, making a quick run to the ATM, shopping at your local supermarket, and so on. They are great for slipping on in the morning or relaxing after a hectic day at work.

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All the way from Morocco

Lots of stores, dealers, wholesalers, etc. work on a fair trade basis with Moroccan artisans to create leather babouches, which are manufactured in their workshops located in quaint medinas. This helps to create meaningful employment and ensures that centuries-old traditional crafts survive and flourish into the future.

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Babouche style slippers are available in a range of colors. Before the slippers are crafted, the leather is dyed as per a bespoke color palette, then dried naturally in the hot Moroccan sun. The genuine pointed and round toe Moroccan footwear is the perfect slider slipper to slip on and off.

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Ready to give them a try?

Talented artisans use age-old techniques to design babouche shoes. Due to being made by hand from start to finish, no two traditional Moroccan leather slippers are alike – they always have subtle differences.

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Moroccan leather slippers can be worn by both men and women – these unisex slippers are crafted with leather uppers which are embossed with eye-catching motifs and have a thick, hard wearing rubber sole as mentioned, with a heel which can be folded up or down.

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Moroccan soft leather slippers are durable and long-lasting – you can use them regularly without worrying about frays or rips in the material. The quality of leather is fantastic, as the Moroccan slippers adapt to the shape of your foot in a very comfortable way.

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Babouche cute slippers make a lovely gift for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. Just imagine the joy on your loved ones’ face when they receive fabulously designed, authentic white leather Moroccan slippers. They are particularly appreciated by those living in places with hot, dry climates. While you are shopping, don’t forget to pick up a pair for yourself too!




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