Medina : Top 8 Must-See Souks in Morocco

Even if you aren’t too fond of shopping, you must definitely indulge in it while visiting a medina in Morocco. Souks can be found in many of Morocco’s cities but the cities with the biggest and expansive shopping areas lie within Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fez, and Rabat. Medinas are lined with shops and shanties going on for miles.

Top Medinas in Morocco  


Jamaa El Fna square, Marrakesh, Photo via Flickr

The medina here is of natural and cultural significance. It is colorful and a spiritually rich area.  As you walk deeper and deeper in this maze of alleys, you can find old riads and frantic souks, along with handicraft stalls selling traditional clothes, jewelry, hand knotted rugs and carpets.


via Flickr

It houses Al-Karaouine, the oldest university in the world, and comprises numerous mosques, souks, museums and monuments. It is famous for its leather tanneries, spectacular pottery, ceramic factories, and wood artwork.


The blue and white colored streets and houses of this city are fascinating, which make its medinas one of the most beautiful in Morocco. You can pick up woven blankets, perfumes, etc. Take a stroll to experience the breathtaking architecture of this place!


Essaouira Rugs, Photo credit: Remouille, Flickr

Essaouira’s medina is structured as per European military architecture with four gates and old walls. This medina is known for its numerous craftsmen, Argan oil and spice shops, along with local wooden art found in art galleries and museums.


Roman ruins at Volubilis, Meknes, Morocco. Photo credit: Mark A Neal, Flickr

The old medina perfectly blends Islamic and European architecture in its tortuous alleys and vintage ramparts. You can find ceramic pots and traditionally embroidered fabric here.


Grand Soko, Tangiers, Photo Credit: Zemmouri

The main square, known as Zoco Chico is ideal for handicraft shopping. You can also find quaint souks full of herbalists, tanners, and food and spice sellers.


Tour Hassan Historic Site, Rabat, Morocco

Shopping in the medina of Morocco’s capital is a lovely experience. The covered market is famous for its rugs, spices, flowers, clothing, etc. Visit the Souiqa quarter – the most crowded street here, where you come across Souk Sebat with shops selling slippers, bags and leather jackets. Don’t miss the Rue des Consules section to check out carpet shops.


Casablanca, Photo Credit: Flickr, Martin Alvarez Espinar

Casablanca’s medina is a huge street market, where you can visit vibrant souks via the clock tower entrance. You can shop to your heart’s content, while gorging on some delicious food. Aside from the market, you will find the Sqala, a small fortress monument turned into a traditional restaurant.

The best part is that life in the ancient walls of the medinas hasn’t changed since centuries ago. There are tiny shops and stalls where people haggle over a glass of sweet mint tea Moroccan food like couscous, tagine, harira, makouda, zaalouk, etc. should not to be missed out on!


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