Henna Lamps: Decor Ideas & Inspirations

Henna lamps from Morocco are often used for decoration due to their exquisite design that adds depth and character to any surrounding. Their charismatic appeal has contributed to the popularity of Henna lamps and sconces all over the world.
Change the ambience around you!

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Henna lamps with unusual art can totally transform the ambience of your dwelling. The first step in choosing the right home lighting is to determine the mood you wish to set and then the color scheme, light brightness and design. Even if you have limited budget and can’t buy costly décor items, a few Moroccan Henna lamps can do the trick of creating a magical vibe in your home, which captivates your as well as visitors. Henna lamp shades impart a lovely feel that makes the surroundings comfortable for everyone.

What is a Henna lamp?


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Henna is a plant used to make dyes for decorative art, which are extracted from its leaves. In Morocco, henna is used for creating exotic designs for leather lamps and lanterns. It is also known as Mehndi, in North Africa including Morocco, India, and the Middle East. The reasons these lamps are in demand are due to their subtleness, beauty and ability to be used in intricate designs.

Uniqueness of Henna lamps
Morocco Henna lamps have quickly become the go-to choice for interior designers as well, because of their soothing light, and the level of craftsmanship involved. They are handmade, so no two lamps look alike – there are always some differences. Henna lamps exist in different sizes, shapes and colors. Most use vibrant Moroccan colors, such as yellow, orange, red or even blue. Smaller versions are apt for using as table lamps, while the larger ones could be floor lamps.

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Versatile décor items

You can purchase Henna floor lamps for your living room as well as patio – they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They bring elegance and sophistication wherever they are placed in.

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